Inverted Teaching

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Inverted Teaching

Resources for "flipping the classroom"

According to the Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt University, there are four "key elements of the flipped classroom":

  1. Provide an opportunity for students to gain first exposure prior to class.
  2. Provide an incentive for students to prepare for class.
  3. Provide a mechanism to assess student understanding.
  4. Provide in-class activities that focus on higher level cognitive activities.

Providing First Exposure

Video lectures are just one of the many ways you can deliver content to your students before they come to class. Here are some excellent examples.

Engaging Students

  • Flip Like an Expert – Best Practices for Successful Flipped Classrooms (Download the PDF)
  • Engagement with the Inverted Classroom Approach: Student Characteristics and Impact on Learning Outcomes (Download the PDF)

Providing Incentives to Prepare

  • An answer garden is a quick and easy way to get students thinking about the content before coming to class:

Providing an Assessment of Understanding

[Coming Soon!]

Providing Higher Order Activities

Additional Resources

Software and Apps

There are numerous ways to create effective online lectures and videos if that's how you plan to provide content to your students outside of the classroom. CAT+FD doesn't endorse any of these products; we are simply compiling a list of options. As we learn about these and other options, we'll try to provide some commentary on how well each works.

  • Snip ( This is a Microsoft Garage product and is currently only available of Windows devices.
  • Camtasia ( Mention lecture capture to anyone familiar with the concept, and Camtasia will likely enter into the conversation. TechSmith's Camtasia has established itself as the defacto software for producing high-quailty online lectures without requiring a steep learning curve. CAT+FD has the program available for faculty use on both Mac and PC in our Camtasia Studio.
  • AirSketch ( AirSketch is an iPad app that let's you turn your iPad into a sketch pad, saving you several hundred dollars if you want to be able to write on screen remotely. After starting AirSketch, you open a browser window on any computer and go to the URL provided by AirSketch. Then you can write away, just like Sal Kahn.