Developing a Personal Vision and a Personal Website

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Originally presented at CAT on 24 January 2015 by Bart Everson


Articulating a personal vision has numerous benefits. It can re-energize your efforts, inform your short-term and long-term plans, even improve your daily time-management skills. A personal vision statement reminds you of your purpose, helps you stay focused, and allows you to set goals.

Establishing a personal website can be a powerful tool for presenting yourself to colleagues, students, and the general public; for promoting your research, publications, and professional activities; and/or for giving an overview of the classes you teach and your approach to teaching.

In this workshop, participants will reflect on personal identity and professional priorities through a series of writing exercises, culminating in a personal vision statement. This self-knowledge will then be utilized in the creation of a personal website. Step-by-step instructions will be provided. At the end of the workshop, participants will have a clearer sense of who they are — and so will the world.



See also our step-by-step instructions for creating a personal website using WordPress.


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