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The Center is committed to promoting effective teaching and deep and lasting student learning, and to the University's mission of creating a more just and humane society. In so doing, we are an organization that values:

  1. a nonjudgmental, safe, collaborative, and supportive environment for faculty to experiment, think and work in creative and diverse ways.
  2. life-long learning.
  3. holistic development of each individual's career based on their unique interests and expertise
  4. accountability, collaboration and continuous improvement in all aspects of faculty development
  5. reflection and self-evaluation towards effective programmatic outcomes
  6. broad-based involvement of Xavier faculty and Center staff in our decision-making process
  7. dissemination of our policies, processes, models, and outcomes

Last, the Center adopts, as part of our ethos, the guidelines of the Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Network in Higher Education, the premier faculty development organization in the U.S. The POD Network's guidelines — the Ethical Guidelines for Education Developers1 — were established " inform the practice of professionals working in educational development roles in higher education."