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Here's a PDF of some tips for using Feedly, lightly adapted from the official Feedly blog:
[/file/view/feedly-tutorial.pdf/496618186/feedly-tutorial.pdf feedly-tutorial.pdf]
[/file/view/feedly-tutorial.pdf/496618186/feedly-tutorial.pdf feedly-tutorial.pdf]
  • [/file/detail/feedly-tutorial.pdf Details]
  • [/file/view/feedly-tutorial.pdf/496618186/feedly-tutorial.pdf Download]
  • 39 KB

Top Feedly Competitors

If you don't like Feedly, try one of these:
  1. InoReader • inoreader.com
  2. NewsBlur • newsblur.com
  3. The Old Reader • theoldreader.com
  4. Feedspot • feedspot.com
  5. Flipboard • flipboard.com
  6. Reeder • reederapp.com
  7. RSSOwl • rssowl.org
  8. Digg Reader • digg.com
  9. Tiny Tiny RSS • tt-rss.org
  10. Pulse • pulse.me

(ranked by AlternativeTo.net)

Feeding Frenzy

CAT sponsored a similar workshop ten years ago, in 2004. Check out those materials if you're curious.


This presentation was inspired by a recommendation from Sue Frantz. Here's an article from Sue on Feedly: Keeping Up with New Information: The Magic of RSS.

Most of the images used in the presentation are licensed under Creative Commons. Many thanks to the generous photographers and graphic designers who have allowed me to use their work.

All other images by Bart Everson.
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