Student Rating Review Team

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In Spring 2015 a committee was formed to examine the state of Xavier's Course Evaluations. Our charge is to ultimately prepare a report for the VPAA Planning Council. Further we are to 1) review the content/questions themselves, 2) review the way they are administered (e.g., paper versus online), 3) explore evaluations for online/hybrid courses, and 4) explore other issues that emerge.



  • Elizabeth Yost Hammer (CAT+FD, Convener)
  • Michael Homan (Faculty Association)
  • Steve Salm (Rank & Tenure)
  • James Bartkus (Business)
  • Renee Akbar (Education/Counseling)
  • Andrea Edwards (MAPS)
  • Harris McFerrin (Bio/PH)
  • Jeremy Tuman (THE LAMP)
  • Suki Pramar (VPAA Planning Council)
  • KiTani’ Parker Lemieux (Pharm, Basic Sci)
  • Karen Nichols (Online/Distance Ed)