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On this page are resources and information on service learning at Xavier, as compiled by me, Jeremy Tuman, CAT+FD Faculty-in-Residence for Service Learning, 2014-2019.

Bob Bringle

In May of 2015 I traveled to Boone, NC, to Appalachian State University, to meet with noted service-learning writer, teacher, and researcher Dr. Bob Bringle. During the meeting, Dr. Bringle gave his thoughts on the current state of service-learning at Xavier, as explained as best I could, and outlined thoughts on how to go about strengthening and improving service-learning, not just at Xavier, but at any university. His main message was that service-learning is unique in its ability to achieve certain student outcomes related to civic engagement and social responsibility, and that if adequately presented, valued, and incorporated in the culture of an institution, will appeal to students, faculty, and administration for this unique ability.

My notes from the visit are included here, followed by several articles co-authored by Dr. Bringle.