QM Standard 2 – Learning Objectives

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QM Standard 2 – Learning Objectives

Clear articulation of learning outcomes serves as the foundation to evaluating the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process. Learning objectives should be described in ways that are measurable. Module/unit level learning objectives describe outcomes that are measurable and consistent with course-level objectives. Objectives should be written from the student’s perspective.

What are your current strategies for writing learning objectives? Stephanie McClelland, Manager, Center for Instructional Technology and Training at University of Florida, created a short video on writing learning outcomes that is worth reviewing to get you to rethink the way you write learning objectives (video [3:58)].

Additionally, this resource, developed by the University of Rhode Island, on writing effective student learning outcomes is an excellent resource.

There are a number of ways you can put your learning objectives into your Blackboard course. We have a few examples of ways you can put your learning objectives into your course available for you to review.

See some examples.png

Blackboard workshops are routinely offered through the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Faculty Development (CAT+FD). Check the CAT+FD events page for our current workshop offerings. Individual Blackboard help is also available by scheduling a one-on-one session with Janice Florent.

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