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Course Technology

Example 1 - Computer Based Information Systems: Vimeo (Video Discussions)

Vimeo is used for video discussions in this sample Computer Based Information Systems online course. Students can find information on where to find Vimeo help in this How to Use Vimeo topic.


Example 2 - Elementary French: MyFrenchLab

This sample Elementary French online course uses publisher materials. Students are provided with a link to 24/7 support for MyFrenchLab in this START-Course Information module.


Example 3 - Intro to Physical Geography: Get Help Here

Help resources can be found in the Get Help Here module in this sample Introduction to Physical Geography online course. The Technology Requirements and Where to Get Help topic provides students with detailed information on technology requirements and where to get help. The Q&A Discussion forum is available for students to ask non-personal, course related questions. The Q&A discussion forum is monitored by the instructor and students are encouraged to provide answers to questions posted by their classmates.


Example 4 - Intro to Physical Geography: Technology Requirements and Where to Get Help

In this sample Introduction to Physical Geography online course, students can find detailed information on where to get technical help in the Technology Requirements and Where to Get Help topic.


Example 5 - Intro to Oceanography: Assignment, Discussion Forum, Journal, Quiz, Checklist

Assignments and activities are organized by weeks in this sample Introduction to Oceanography online course. In addition to the required reading and videos, students are required to submit an assignment and take a quiz in this Week 2 module. Links to information on how to submit an assignment and take online tests are included in the instructions to make it easy for those students who may not know how to submit assignments or take an online test. Students are required to take a practice quiz before they can take the actual test to give them some practice at taking an online test beforehand. The instructions for the practice quiz includes a quicklink to the Technology Requirements and Where to Get Help topic which has detailed instructions for Respondus LockDown Browser which is required for the test. There is a release condition set so that once the student takes the practice quiz they will see the link to take Quiz 1 in the module.


Example 6 - Intro to Oceanography: Group Project (Groups Tool, Discussion Forum, VoiceThread)

Students are required to complete a group project in this Introduction to Oceanography online course. The group project requires students to work together to identify specific issues and make VoiceThread presentations to the class. Students are provided with links on where to get help in the instructions for the assignments.


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