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(Resources Mentioned in the Video)
(Resources Mentioned in the Video)
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'''Next Topic:''' [[Learning Objectives: See Brightspace Examples]]<br>
'''Previous Topic:''' [[Learning Objectives]]<br>
'''Previous Topic:''' [[Learning Objectives]]<br>
'''Next Topic:''' [[Learning Objectives: See Brightspace Examples]]
'''Main Page:''' [[LearnEverywhereXULA]]

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Learning Objectives: Learn More

Purpose: The purpose of the Learning Objectives video is to teach you about the language of academic assessment and how to write clear and effective course-level and unit-level learning objectives/outcomes to help your students stay on track and succeed in your course.

Watching this video will assist you in meeting the following objectives:

  • Develop an online course that incorporates eight general standards for quality online teaching.
  • Design an online course specifically for the education of XULA students.

  • Explain the difference between goals, objectives, outcomes, and competencies.
  • Verify that learning objectives match the level of the course.
  • Write clear and effective course-level learning objectives.
  • Write clear and effective unit-level learning objectives.

Task: Watch the video (11:19) before moving on to the next activity.

Dr. Jason S. Todd explains learning objectives (11:19)
Dr. Jason S. Todd video transcript (PDF)

Resources Mentioned in the Video

XULA Course Level Guidelines This PDF outlines the university's expectations for the different levels of undergraduate courses. It provides both administrative and pedagogical criteria for each level.

Bloom’s Taxonomy for 21st-Century Learners This PDF, developed by the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence at the University of Utah, describes Bloom's Taxonomy in a more contemporary manner and provides different ways to categorize learning through it.

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