Learner Support: See Brightspace Examples

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Learner Support: See Brightspace Examples

Purpose: Viewing examples of ways that student support services can be presented in an online course will provide you with ideas about how you might incorporate them into your course.

Viewing examples of ways that student support services can be presented in an online course will assist you in meeting the following objectives:

  • Develop an online course that incorporates eight general standards for quality online teaching.
  • Build an online course in the Brightspace learning management system.
  • Design an online course specifically for the education of XULA students.

  • Recognize how student support services might be presented throughout an online course.
  • Reference and/or link to the various XULA support services throughout your course to inform students and encourage them to use the services when need.

Task: There are a variety of ways you can introduce your students to the many support services available to them at XULA. By placing the links to these services througout your Brightspace course, you can inform your students of their existence and encourage them to make use if them when needed. We've prepared some learner support examples for your review.

Brightspace Learner Support Examples (links to wiki examples)

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