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Learner Support: Learn More

In this video, you will learn about the four types of learner support that you should present to your students throughout your course and see instances where and how support services are integrated into this course. You will also learn how knowledge of and access to these services can facilitate your students' academic success.

Purpose: Viewing the Learner Support video will make you aware of the four types of learner support and the importance of presenting them to your students throughout your course.

The information presented in this topic will assist you in meeting the following objectives:

  • Develop an online course that incorporates eight general standards for quality online teaching.
  • Design an online course specifically for the education of XULA students.

  • Recognize the four types of learner support.
  • Articulate the importance of students' knowledge of and access to learner support of all types to overall student success.

Dr. Tiera Coston on the importance of providing learner support (6:05)
Dr. Tiera Coston video transcript (PDF)

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