LearnEverywhereXULA Advanced Certification

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#LearnEverywhereXULA Advanced Certification 2020-2021

You worked hard last summer, honing your Brightspace skills and learning some of the better practices for remote and online teaching. Expand your horizons even more by becoming #LearnEverywhereXULA (#LEX) Advanced Certified!

By participating in at least four #LEX Advanced workshops, you will learn about using design and automation features available in Brightspace to apply better pedagogical practices within your courses by making them more user-friendly, accessible, and efficient.

We will be offering the same slate of workshops in the Spring for you to earn the #LEX Advance certificate either from the beginning or to wrap up what you started in the Fall. In order to achieve Advanced certification you must attend four #LEX Advanced workshops. View the workshops for Spring 2021.