Laudato Si' study group

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The Laudato Si' interfaith study group met throughout the 2015-16 academic year, sponsored by the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Faculty Development (CAT+FD), Campus Ministry, the Department of Theology, and the Department of Political Science.

The study group was composed of faculty, staff, and students. Participants included Basil Davis, Pamela Waldron-Moore, Susan Spillman, Chelsea E. Tallman, Sarah Bertrand, Ammiel Williams, Allen Gale, Etido S Jerome, Mark Gstohl, Terynek Grover, Shelby Santiago, and Monica Loughlin. The group was convened by Bart Everson of CAT+FD.

Together we read and discussed Laudato Si': On Care for Our Common Home, the 2015 encyclical letter by Pope Francis.

At our final meeting, the following recommendations were formulated:

  1. Xavier should consider joining the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.
  2. To expand our capacity for sustainable practices, a grant is likely necessary. Members of the study group stand ready to help write such a grant proposal to an organization such as, for example, the Templeton Foundation.
  3. Potential partners may include Campus Ministry, the Institute for Black Catholic Studies, the Division of Business.