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Instructional Materials: Take Action

Do Your Instructional Materials Accomplish What You Wish?

Consider your very first teaching experience. For many of us, we were handed a textbook and told to develop a syllabus. As a result, the organization of the textbook drove our course design, but now we know better. We should carefully consider what we want to accomplish in our course and select instructional materials to meet those goals. #Alignment

Instructional Materials Checklist

As you develop your course in Brightspace, be sure to use this checklist to review your incorporation of learning objectives/outcomes throughout the course. This checklist is based on the Quality Matters Specific Review Standards 4.1-4.5.

  • ✓ The instructional materials contribute to the achievement of the stated learning objectives or competencies.
  • ✓ The relationship between the use of instructional materials in the course and completing learning activities is clearly explained.
  • ✓ The course models the academic integrity expected of learners by providing both source references and permissions for use of instructional materials.
  • ✓ The instructional materials represent up-to-date theory and practice in the discipline.
  • ✓ A variety of instructional materials is used in the course.

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