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Extra Resources

#LEX Advanced

Instructors who work through the #LEX course, honing their Brightspace skills and learning some of the better practices for remote and online teaching, can expand their horizons even more through our advanced series of workshops. The advanced workshops were offered in Fall 2020 and repeated in Spring 2021. Here's a list of the #LEX Advanced workshop recordings:

Online Teaching Tips

We’ve compiled some tips, words of wisdom, and things I wish I knew when teaching my first online class from some of the 2013 - 2014 cohort of the Faculty Communities of Teaching Scholars (FaCTS) initiative. The theme for AY 2013-2014 was “Engaging Students in Online Courses.”

Dr. Krista Mincey, Assistant Professor Public Health Sciences, on setting up discussion boards to make grading easier:

Dr. Krista Mincey gives advice on setting up DBs for easier grading [01:05]
Dr. Krista Mincey video transcript (PDF)

Dr. Mark Gstohl, Associate Professor Theology, on making better videos for online teaching:

Dr. Mark Gstohl gives advice on making better videos [02:53]
Dr. Mark Gstohl video transcript (PDF)

Dr. Cary Caro, Assistant Professor Division of Business, on the importance of a start here page and checklists:

Dr. Cary Caro gives advice on start here page and checklists [01:42]
Dr. Cary Caro video transcript (PDF)

Dr. Elizabeth Yost Hammer, Director Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Faculty Development and Psychology Professor, gives advice on scheduling due dates and a word of caution about automatic captioning:

Dr. Elizabeth Yost Hammer gives advice on assignment due dates and a word of caution about automatic captioning [02:37]
Dr. Elizabeth Yost Hammer video transcript (PDF)

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