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Originally presented at CAT on Mar. 14, 2012 by Dr. Vaneshette Henderson, Ms. Janice Florent, and Mr. Bart Everson

It's undeniable that visual elements can enhance any lecture or presentation. But all visuals are not created equal. A good understanding of images and their impacts is required to use them effectively. This session was designed as a broad overview for faculty who want to add a visual dimension to their teaching. We discussed how images can enhance (or detract) from teaching and learning goals. A hands-on segment focused on finding free and legal images on the web. We touched on a variety of different methods for delivering visual content, including various presentation tools, as well as online image galleries and social media applications. Best practices and technical considerations were also be addressed. Above all this session aimed to get faculty thinking visually about teaching.

Take a look at the Prezi to get a rough idea of the content we covered:

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