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Originally presented for CAT+FD on 21 October 2021 by Janice Florent

The course homepage is the first page students see when they enter your Brightspace course. This first look at your course will leave a lasting impression. You can customize your course by changing the layout and appearance of your course homepages. You can add dynamic objects to the homepage with the use of widgets. Use the course homepage to orient the students and convey important information. This workshop, the eighth in our #LEX Advanced series, builds on the skills you learned in the #LearnEverywhereXULA course and will help you to customize your course homepages to enhance the course experience for your students.



  1. Workshop Slides
  2. Design a Course Homepage with Widgets (pdf)
  3. Widgets
  1. Change the Name of Your Course
  2. Change Course Name, Banner Image, and/or Banner Text (video)
  3. Brightspace Editor
  4. Insert Stuff
  5. Quicklinks
  6. Replace Strings
  7. Drip-Feeding
  8. Find Free Images to Use in Your Courses
  9. List Of Free Photo And Image Editing Tools
  10. Creative Commons Wiki Resource
  11. Course Design Suggestions
  12. Copy Course or Copy Components
  13. How the Human Eye Reads a Website
  14. #LearnEverywhereXULA Advanced Certification
  15. Subscribe to our blog, CAT FooD (for thought)