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Course Technology: See Brightspace Examples

Purpose: Viewing examples of ways that course technology can be used in an online/hybrid course will provide you with ideas about how you might incorporate various course technology into your course.

Viewing examples of ways course technology can be incorporated into an online/hybrid course will assist you in meeting the following objectives:

  • Develop an online course that incorporates eight general standards for quality online teaching.
  • Build an online course in the Brightspace learning management system.
  • Design an online course specifically for the education of XULA students.

  • Select course technology that supports your learning objectives.
  • Select course technology that promotes learner engagement and active learning.
  • Select course technology that adheres to local, institutional, or personal policies/standards for protecting the collection and use of student personal data.
  • Identify effective ways to design your Brightspace course using a variety of technology.

Task: There are a number of ways you can utilize accessible course technology, provide students with clear instructions, and with information on where to go to get help. We've prepared some course technology examples on our wiki for your review.

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