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'''Next Topic:''' [[Course Technology: Learn More]]<br>
'''Next Topic:''' [[Course Technology: Learn More]]<br>
'''Jump to:'''<br>
:[[Course Technology: See Brightspace Examples]]<br>
:[[Course Technology: Take Action]]<br>
'''Previous Module:''' [[Activities and Interaction]]<br>
'''Previous Module:''' [[Activities and Interaction]]<br>
'''Main Page:''' [[LearnEverywhereXULA]]
'''Main Page:''' [[LearnEverywhereXULA]]

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Course Technology: Get Started

It is important to choose course technology that supports your learning objectives. Learning objectives, which must be created first, serve as a guide to determining the course tools and media you select to meet the objectives.

Module Objectives

After completing this module, you will be able to do the following:

  • Select course technology that supports your learning objectives.
  • Select course technology that promotes learner engagement and active learning.
  • Select course technology that adheres to local, institutional, or personal policies/standards for protecting the collection and use of student personal data.
  • Identify effective ways to design your Brightspace course using a variety of technology.

Next Topic: Course Technology: Learn More
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Course Technology: See Brightspace Examples
Course Technology: Take Action

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Main Page: LearnEverywhereXULA

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