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(Additional Resources)
(Additional Resources)
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'''Next Topic:''' [[Course Overview and Introduction: See Brightspace Examples]]<br>
'''Next Topic:''' [[Course Overview and Introduction: See Brightspace Examples]]<br>
'''Previous Topic:''' [[Course Overview and Introduction]]<br>
'''Previous Topic:''' [[Course Overview and Introduction]]<br>
'''Main Page:''' [[LearnEverywhereXULA]]
'''Main Page:''' [[#LearnEverywhereXULA]]

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Course Overview and Introduction: Learn More

Purpose: Viewing the Course Overview & Introduction video will introduce the idea that your online course introduction is like the first day of class. In order to be successful, students have to know what is expected of them. It should be easy for them to understand what to do the first time they log into the course and how to proceed from there. You will want to consider ways to make your course as welcoming, clear, transparent, and organized as possible.

Watching this video will assist you in meeting the following objectives:

  • Develop an online course that incorporates eight general standards for quality online teaching.
  • Design an online course specifically for the education of XULA students.

  • Articulate the pedagogical importance of introducing your course to students.

Task: Watch the video (2:40) before moving on to the next activity.

Dr. Elizabeth Yost Hamer gives advice on the importance of a course overview and introduction (2:40)
Dr. Elizabeth Yost Hammer video transcript (PDF)

Resources Mentioned in the Video

Three Reasons Why You Need an Introduction to Your Online Course: This blog post by Sarah Southerland makes the case for introducing yourself to your online students.

Additional Resources

Here are a few resources that you may find helpful in humanizing your course:

Next Topic: Course Overview and Introduction: See Brightspace Examples
Previous Topic: Course Overview and Introduction
Main Page: #LearnEverywhereXULA

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