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Course Overview and Introduction: Get Started

In order to be successful, students need to know specific information about your course, including how to get started, what the course covers, how much time they should plan to spend on the course each week, whether the course requires any prior skills and knowledge, where to find various course components, and netiquette expectations for class communications.

Also, introductions from both the professor and classmates are important for student engagement. Your course introduction is the perfect opportunity to create interest and set expectations for what’s to come.

In this module, we will explore a variety of ways to introduce your Brightspace course to students.

Module Objectives

After completing this module, you will be able to do the following:

  • Articulate the pedagogical importance of introducing your course to students.
  • Introduce the purpose and the structure of your Brightspace course.
  • Provide clear expectations to learners for communicating with you.
  • Communicate the minimum technology requirements and computer skills required for success.
  • Provide an engaging introduction of yourself and an opportunity for learners to introduce themselves to each other.

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