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=Preparing Mentors and Advisors at Xavier (P-MAX)=
=Preparing Mentors and Advisors at Xavier (P-MAX)=

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Preparing Mentors and Advisors at Xavier (P-MAX)

Preparing Mentors and Advisors at Xavier (P-MAX) is a training program that is designed to provide participating faculty with the knowledge and skills needed to mentor and advise undergraduate students, especially those engaged in research. Ultimately, the goal of P-MAX is to assist faculty in developing effective relationships with their mentees. The program addresses topics such as mentoring philosophy, mentor-mentee communication, goal- and expectation-setting, stereotype threat/implicit bias, issue identification and resolution, and best practices for good mentoring and advising. Faculty are also instructed on all of the resources available to students at Xavier and how to encourage their mentees to avail themselves of those resources.

The program begins with an intensive, day-long, Saturday workshop followed by three additional one-hour workshops during each of the subsequent fall and spring semesters. Case studies are used to stimulate discussion on the topic to be addressed, and faculty are encouraged to bring their own real-world experiences for discussion.

In addition to the P-MAX program, faculty have access to additional programming during the summer and academic semesters. Through panel discussions, participating faculty have access to discipline-diverse subject matter experts and experienced faculty who provide tangible illustrations of learned skills and techniques in action. Also, monthly mentoring-themed meetings are held during the summer, where the mentors can discuss their experiences and concerns, and be provided with additional mentor training.

Information for the upcoming, day-long P-MAX workshop can be accessed below.

P-MAX Announcement 2017