Brightspace Learner Support Examples

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Learner Support

Example 1 - Modern English Grammars: Tips for Student Success

The Tips for Student Success page in this sample Modern English Grammars online provides students with information on where to get academic support over the course of the semester, both within the class and at the university.

If you are interested in downloading a file with the text in this example, here's a link to Brightspace Tips for Student Success (.docx) Word document that you can feel free to use as is or edit to meet your needs.


Example 2 - Intro to Oceanography: Important for Academic Success

The syllabus of this sample Introduction to Oceanography online course encourages students to seek support from various departments that can help them with their academic success.


Example 3 - Intro to Sociology: Get Help Here

The Get Help Here module in this Introduction to Sociology course provides students with links to information and resources where they can get support.


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