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====Creating and Editing HTML Templates====
====Creating and Editing HTML Templates====
* [https://cat.xula.edu/food/brightspace-tip-43-html-editor/ Brightspace HTML Editor]
* [https://cat.xula.edu/food/brightspace-tip-43-html-editor/ Brightspace HTML Editor]
* [https://documentation.brightspace.com/EN/le/content/instructor/apply_html_template_to_new_document.htm Apply an HTML template to a new document in Content]
* [https://documentation.brightspace.com/EN/le/content/instructor/apply_html_template_to_new_document.htm Apply an HTML Template to a New Document in Content]
* [https://youtu.be/FQktB8LOYJc Teaching Tips - Edit HTML Templates – Instructor] (video)
* [https://youtu.be/FQktB8LOYJc Teaching Tips - Edit HTML Templates – Instructor] (video)
====Photo and Image Resources====
====Photo and Image Resources====

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Brightspace HTML Templates

Users can access Brightspace using many different devices (e.g., desktop computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone). Brightspace's responsive design automatically adapts to different screen sizes to provide a great user experience on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

HTML Templates will assist instructors in developing content topic pages that will adapt page contents to fit any device thus making the pages more responsive, accessible, and interactive.

HTML Templates provide instructors with an easy way to create great looking, responsive, accessible, and interactive content topic pages. HTML Templates page layouts are instructor-friendly and are designed to be edited using the HTML Editor in Brightspace.

Sample Pages Created with HTML Templates

Instructors can take their content topic pages from this:

This Course Overview page was created using a default HTML Template.

To this:

This Course Overview page was created using the Earth HTML Template by Brian Ledwell

Do you want to see more examples of content topic pages built with HTML Templates? Here are a few examples:

Curated List of Resources

We've created this curated list of resources to help you use HTML Templates to create responsive, interactive, and accessible pages in Brightspace.

Level Up with User-Friendly Brightspace HTML Templates Workshop

  • Workshop Presentation Slides (coming soon)
  • Workshop Recording (10/15/2020) – (coming soon)

Why use HTML Templates?

HTML Templates

Creating and Editing HTML Templates

Photo and Image Resources

NOTE: This resource is intended to help Xavier faculty build on the skills learned in the "Accessibility and Usability" module of the #LearnEverywhereXULA (#LEX) course and take their course design to the next level. You can find the open version of the #LearnEverywhereXULA course on this wiki. However, Xavier faculty who are NOT enrolled in the Brightspace #LearnEverywhereXULA course and would like to be enrolled should fill out this enrollment request form. Enrollment in the #LEX course is an opportunity to experience Brightspace from a learner's perspective. Additional activities and reflections are available in the Brightspace course that are not available in the open resource.