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Please note: These resources were compiled to support our quick pivot to emergency remote teaching during the initial outbreak of COVID-19 in our area, in the spring of 2020. While we hope some of this content may be of continuing value, these pages are not being updated and may contain outdated information.

The following web sites and documents offer a variety of suggestions and "better practices" for remote teaching. Many are specific to the schools that produced them, but all offer useful advice that can be adapted.

See also: Xavier Library's index of resources that have been made available during the COVID-19 epidemic

Instructional Continuity Planning

An instructional continuity plan is a plan to ensure that learning can continue even when face-to-face meeting is not possible.

Emergency Remote Teaching

Remote teaching is the use of technology to allow teaching and learning to take place during a temporary emergency.

Brightspace Resources

Brightspace is the Learning Management System (LMS) used by Xavier and is the best pedagogical technology to start with during an emergency.

Resources for Technology Tools

Beyond Brightspace, there are a variety of technologies that can be used to provide teaching, learning, and assessment.

Accessibility Resources

When using technology to teach, try to ensure that materials are accessible to all students.

Corporate Freebies

During the COVID-19 outbreak, some telecom and software companies are offering freebies and discounts. This list may be updated.

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