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'''Next Topic:''' [[Activities and Interaction: Learn More]]<br>
'''Next Topic:''' [[Activities and Interaction: Learn More]]<br>
'''Jump to:'''<br>
:[[Activities and Interaction: See Brightspace Examples]]<br>
:[[Activities and Interaction: Take Action]]<br>
'''Previous Module:''' [[Instructional Materials]]<br>
'''Previous Module:''' [[Instructional Materials]]<br>
'''Main Page:''' [[LearnEverywhereXULA]]
'''Main Page:''' [[LearnEverywhereXULA]]

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Activities and Interaction: Get Started

Active learning is always an important piece to consider when teaching, but for remote and online teaching, it's an essential component, both to ensure successful learning and to keep students engaged in a class to which they have no physical connection. Active learning and interaction can take a variety of forms, but they must be planned and clearly articulated to the students at the start of the course.

Module Objectives

By the end of this module, you will be able to do the following:

  • Plan active and engaging learning activities that are clearly aligned with your learning outcomes.
  • Develop transparent assignments and activities for your students.
  • Identify tools in Brightspace that can promote active learning in your class.
  • Send email and instant messages through Brightspace.
  • Recognize the value of providing students with recognition for their learning accomplishments.

Next Topic: Activities and Interaction: Learn More
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Activities and Interaction: See Brightspace Examples
Activities and Interaction: Take Action

Previous Module: Instructional Materials
Main Page: LearnEverywhereXULA

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