A Dozen Web Tools for Teaching and Learning

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This list of links was compiled in support of the 2019 workshop Ethical and Efficient Digital Technology and is maintained as a historical document; over time, many of these links will die, become outmoded, or may even be hijacked by malicious parties. Proceed at your own risk.

  1. Up-Goer Five Text Editor— Can you explain a hard idea using only the ten hundred most used words?
  2. Google Sites — Create your own website/wiki. (example)
  3. YouTube — Everybody knows about YouTube, but did you know about their Education Channel? TED-Ed is like the Education Channel but even more highly curated.
  4. Screenr — Screen recording. Yes, it's web-based. (example)
  5. SoundCloud — Audio sharing platform. Free version limited to 120 minutes total. (example)
  6. AudioBoo — Audio sharing platform. Free version limited to three minutes per file. (example)
  7. Educreations — Recordable interactive whiteboard. Captures voice and handwriting/drawing to produce movies. Especially nice with an iPad but can also be used via web browser. (example)
  8. Timetoast — Build (and find) interactive timelines. (example)
  9. Poll Everywhere — Easy way to aggregate live responses. (example) (example) (see also Socrative)
  10. SurveyMonkey — Surveys made easy.
  11. Quizlet — Make and find study tools (flash cards etc.) (example)
  12. LiveBinder — Like a three-ring binder for web pages. (example)
  13. Delivr — Make and manage QR codes. (example)
  14. MindMeister — Collaborative mind mapping. (example)
  15. Voki — Create talking avatars. See example below. (example)
  16. MakeBeliefComix — Create your own comic strips. You'll have to make a screenshot for sharing online. (example)
  17. Diigo — Bookmarks on steroids. Allows you to highlight and add sticky notes to web pages. (example)

See also: The Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies' Top 100 Tools for Learning