2019 RISE & BUILD Summer Workshops

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The summer workshops are a series of three-hour meetings where faculty come together to discuss curriculum development and improvement projects that are designed to enhance the learning of their students. The workshops are funded by the National Institutes of Health RISE and BUILD programs at Xavier University of Louisiana. Each participant gives a 20 to 25 minute talk that provides the rationale for and details of their project. Participants also share data (including methods of assessment), challenges and successes and future directions for their projects. Plans for dissemination of the findings is a key part of every presentation. The 2019 presentations occurred as follows:

Monday, June 17, 2019

Grants Overview by Dr. Maryam Foroozesh Workshop Structure by Dr. Tiera S. Coston Media:2017 Summer Workshops Agenda.pdf Developmental Biology (BIOL 3162) by Dr. Ian Davenport Media:Gen Bio I and Dev Bio.pdf Evaluating Science as a Consumer (XCOR 3010) by Drs. Terry Watt & Tasha Toro Media:Gen Bio I and Dev Bio.pdf Revision of Introductory Physics Labs (PHYS 2010L/2020L) by Dr. Freddie Landry Media:Intro to Physcis Labs.pdf Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Evaluation of the Quantitative Analysis Laboratory Curriculum (CHEM 3210L) by Dr. Mehnaaz Ali Media:Intro to Physcis Labs.pdf Ethics at the End of Life (PHIL 3000/XCOR 3010) by Dr. James Dunson Media:Ethics at the End of Life.pdf Improving Principles of Polymer Chemistry (CHEM 4230) by Dr. Asem Abdulahad Media:Ethics at the End of Life.pdf Introduction to Biochemistry - Incorporation of 3-D Molecular Models (CHEM 3130) by Dr. Terry Watt Media:Introduction to Biochemistry.pdf Advanced Biochemistry (CHEM 4060) by Drs. Kelly Johanson & Terry Watt Media:Advanced Biochemistry.pdf Overhaul of General Biology I and II Lecture Courses (BIOL 1230/BIOL 1240) by Drs. Ian Davenport, Cecily Defreece and Thomas Huckaba Media:Gen Bio I and Dev Bio.pdf Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Dr. Melissa 'Missy' Beers, Program Director for Introduction to Psychology and Coordinator for Introduction to Social Psychology at The Ohio State University, spoke on the topic Making and Old Course New Again: A Teaching Workshop in Two Parts - Part One: Teaching Traps and Part II: Assessment to the Rescue.In Part One of the workshop Dr. Beers discussed three common teaching traps along with ideas and tools to escape them. Part Two highlighted five (plus one bonus) practical, easy to implement assessment strategies that can be integrated into any class. Media:Gen Bio I and Dev Bio.pdf Thursday, June 20, 2019

Forget Fashionable Fads: Practice Proven Pedagogy by Dr. Tiera S. Coston Media:Participation in SoTL.pdf Integration of an Evaluation Plan for Sound, Responsive and Effective Evaluation by Dr. Roshan Nayak Media:Assessment and Survey Design.pdf Outcomes and Evaluations by Dr. Maryam Foroozesh Progress Report and Future Directions by Dr. Maryam Foroozesh